Additional Client Testimonials…


After not being able to get help at the court’s self-help clinic, I chose Superior Court Docs from a list given to me from my friend. I was glad to find that Superior Court Docs was able to see me the same day and also had a better price than other Legal Document Assistants in the area. I met up with them and they promised to have the paperwork ready by Sunday night. They kept their promise. They were very pleasant, easy to talk to and ease your mind along with being very supportive. I highly recommend them.
Evy T.


Superior Court Docs helped with my eviction making it simple when I thought it was more complicated. They explained thoroughly and well how the process went and described the different strategies to approach my situation. A lawyer would have cost their fee just to talk to me. Because of their knowledge I had 10x more confidence when I showed up in court and represented myself. I understood the paperwork and they gave me a heads up on how to respond to judge. My case was a loss when I went online for help. Im still home thanks to Superior Court Docs. Highly recommend. :)
Vonni S.


I recently used Superior Court Docs to help me respond to a civil suit that was filed against me. I was very stressed about the short time I had to respond, but they really put my mind at ease. Within 48 hours I had the response in my hands ready to file. I went to the court, and it was accepted. Nothing else needed or missing. In the end I saved so much money using Superior Court Docs. I will use them in the future anytime I need help with the legal process.
Lucia H.


I recently got divorced and Superior Court Docs prepared all of my divorce documents. The divorce paperwork was complicated because it was a divorce with children and assets. There were no errors and above all else they were affordable. I would recommend calling this company if you have any legal document needs.
Sammy D.


I received a recommendation from an attorney who told me about Superior Court Docs. I used them to file an unlimited lawsuit. It was a great experience. They maintained very tight deadlines and they were able to research all of the important case law. We settled and I don’t think I could have done it without Superior Court Docs.
Brian B.


I was ripped off by another document company and was skeptical about using another company to prepare my paperwork but I was in a desperate pinch because I was being sued and I had to answer the lawsuit and I did not know where to even begin to answer it. Make a long story short, I found Superior Court Docs online and they put my mind at ease immediately. They prepared my paperwork and I used them for every document in the case and not one document was kicked back and the case law and statutes used were all on point. The judge even complimented me at one point on the fact that as a pro per litigant my documents were all well written and in accordance with the proper format. I did not win my case but that had nothing to do with Superior Court Docs; it was just a bad case from the beginning. I will use this company going forward and recommend them to anyone.
Ann A.


This company is awesome!!!! I give them five stars and recommend them to anyone who needs lawsuit documents prepared. They pulled me out of a huge jam with a lawsuit that I prepared myself which was rejected by the court. Once I hired Superior Court Docs, they prepared everything and I won my case!!!!!
Armando O.