Professional Eviction Services, San Bernardino

Experienced, Professional and Fast Eviction Support

It’s easy to feel, when dealing with the documentation of eviction, that you would need to hire the service of an attorney – and that the cost might often be prohibitive. This is true whether you are a tenant in a single property or a landlord dealing with multiples ones.

The great news is that our Superior Court Docs paralegal team are both bonded and registered, and highly experienced, meaning they are always ready to help you to produce all the necessary paperwork, and in an extremely cost effective manner. Our team can set to work removing the guesswork by helping you with any of the following key areas:

• Preparing Notices
• Preparing Summons & Complaint
• Preparing Request for Trial Date
• Preparing Judgment Documents
• Preparing Writ of Possession

We know that it can be very easy to feel thoroughly overwhelmed if you are put through a harrowing eviction or unlawful detainer experience anywhere in the San Bernardino area. The good news is that our experienced team can work calmly and professionally with you to create the court standard paperwork that you’ll surely need. Our work can even include the preparation of a motion to dismiss.

Four Things to Know About Eviction in San Bernardino

• In certain circumstances, you might qualify for a Los Angeles Court Fee Waiver. This charge is the current $240 eviction filing fee, and this can be for either an Unlawful Detainer or Answer. If you qualify then you can file both initial and subsequent documents without being made subject to this waiver fee.

• If you are working towards a landlord eviction you may well need to provide your tenant with a landlord eviction notice. This is when they either won’t pay their rent or have violated the terms of their rental contract. Such a document provides them with notice that it is now time to find themselves an alternative place of residence. Should they fail to comply, our Superior Court Docs team can then assist you with all necessary landlord eviction notices and forms, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

• If you are a tenant who has been served with eviction paperwork, it’s possible that you may believe that you are in danger of being wrongly evicted. Our tenant eviction team can work with you over the paperwork needed to either dismiss this notice, or to submit your unlawful detainer forms answer to the relevant court.

• As a landlord, should you improperly serve a Los Angeles 3 Day Notice, then this is likely to cause you costly delays as you work through the courts to gain a successful eviction notices outcome. We’ll work with you to ensure you provide that vital strong foundation of evidence.

How Superior Court Docs Can Help With Your San Bernardino Eviction Case

Are you concerned about filing a landlord eviction, or in dealing with a tenant eviction situation or notice? Would you like to discover if you qualify for the Court Fee Waiver? For the answer to these, and other vital questions, call and speak to one of our experienced, skilled and dedicated legal document assistants today at 888 731-1500 or get started online.